About Wazen

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A New Generation Solution – Uniqueness, Quality and Reliability …

Wazen Oil Services is a new generation oil-services company with its main office located in Tripoli, Libya, an office branch in Benghazi, and camps in Tubruk and Al Dhahra oil fields. The company was formed with the vision of providing a one-stop solution to oil service needs by combining a special blend of skills and experience in a unique manner that takes advantage of the perceived weaknesses and inadequacies of other local companies in terms of quality of services, speed of services, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

In a marketplace with multidimensional challenges converging at ever-accelerating rates, Wazen Oil Services offers a distinctive service and provides effective sustainable solutions to the region that combines the best of both communities – the Libyan and the global.

Our mission is to provide “Solutions That Flow With Success”

Since our founding, we have consistently challenged ourselves to combine leadership, dedication and innovation to attain objectives and perform according to client-based needs in the private Libyan oil services market. We focus on achieving customer satisfaction as a priority through our operational service approach and through our key investment, people; who show no hesitation to go the extra mile.

In a market with high-potential and low reliability and quality of service providers and solutions, choosing the right oil services company is a difficult decision to make. Unique services, people and quality is our value proposition and providing it continuously and effectively is our customer promise.

Our vision is to provide “A One-Stop Solution to the Oil Sector Needs”

“Protecting our world and its people” – Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)…

At Wazen Oil Services we firmly believe in improving the quality of standards for our employees, contractors, the local community and the society at large. As a result, HSE is at the heart of our policies and procedures. We appreciate and care about HSE as a top priority and we work hard to ensure that it is a routine part of us to constantly promote HSE awareness and work to enhance the environment and community we work in. Being a new generation company, we make sure that we excel in the application of our HSE policies and measures for the sake of our world and its people and to set an example for others. We also aim to constantly upgrade and update our HSE measures accordingly, as the world and its associated challenges are ever changing.

‘‘Investing in the future through our people’’

There is no doubt concerning the role that we all play in today’s world and our consequential impact on everyday life, this can only be re-emphasized by our combined effect towards the national economy, competitiveness and prosperity. We are concerned with contributing towards making a better tomorrow through our services and we understand the value of people and team-work in achieving ideal results. We take great pleasure in taking a corporate social responsibility that is focused and determined on setting an example for individuals, local companies and even global companies to follow; our limits are not and will never be restricted by our geographical borders.

We feel confident and hope to always be able to contribute to providing individuals with the right environment to pursue knowledge and skills to improve performance and contribute more effectively to society. We take comfort in sharing our success with others and we look forward to facing our challenges and marching side by side into the future

“High-Level Expertise Services” – Skills, Talents and Teamwork…Our Strength is our Style of Operation.

Wazen Oil Services covers a wide range of products and services through a collaboration of highly-qualified individuals with extensive background experience in oil and marine services as well as other various related sectors and fields.

We are affiliated and only looking to team-up with the best global oil and marine brand name service and supply companies, in order to provide a resultant dynamite package of combined skills, talents and services.

Wazen Oil Services also offers unique order arrangements that take into consideration client requirements for delivery time, payment terms and local stock. By focusing on client-based solutions, Wazen Oil Services provides you with a hassle-free, quick and effective standard of services.