Our Vast Presence Eases

Logistical Challenges

Along with offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, Wazen has strategically established 7 camps in close proximity to the largest and most active oilfields and refineries across Libya. From east to west, Wazen offers supply management solutions including safe transportation routes, secure storage, and facilities fully equipped to avoid lost time and resources.

For images of the construction and installation of Wazen camps, visit the Image Library here. Our camps provide suitable housing for on-site employees, office space to conduct business, and storage facilities supplied with equipment necessary for providing quality oil services.

Contact Information

Email  info@wazen.ly

Phone  +218 (0) 21 484 3128

Fax  +218 (0) 21 484 3129

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Company Locations

Headquarters  Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya

Office Branch  Garyouns Benghazi, Libya

Camp Sites See Map Here for Locations