Maintenance & Construction

Wazen Oil Services’ Projects Department specializes in the project management, facilities construction, welding fabrication, installation, cathodic protection and NDT examinations for Oil, Natural Gas, Power, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Petrochemical and Utility Industries. The range of our executed services includes the Shutdown and Turnaround of Gathering Stations, Production Stations and Refineries.

Our provisions include the inspection, maintenance, overhaul, replacement and procurement of: Tanks, Separators, Vessels, Pipelines (GRP, GRE, CS, SS & Clay), Steel Structures, Heaters, Cracking Columns and Desalination Units.

The maintenance and construction services offered cover pipes, tanks, vessels, facilities, and fabrications. Wazen’s track record of performing efficient and high quality construction and maintenance projects regardless of site location and difficulty is a testament to the experience and talent of Wazen engineers. We find solutions, and execute those solutions to flow with success.

Pipelines, Tanks & Vessels

• Engineering
• Project Management
• Maintenance & Installation
• Construction Planning
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Utility Work
• Hot Tapping
• Line Stopping
• Wrapping and Insulation
• Welding Services
• Pipeline and Tank Integrity
• Materials Procurement & Inspection
• Corrosion Control & Coating
• Site Prep
• Excavation & Grading
• Foundation & Concrete Repair


• Project Management
• Technical Support and Assistance
• Installations
• Modifications & Upgrades
• Painting and Coating Campaigns
• Booster/ Pump Stations
• Meter Stations
• Natural Gas Storage
• NDT Inspection Services
• Compressor Stations
• Excavation & Grading
• Hot Tapping
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Repairs & Modifications


• Launcher, Receiver & Valve Settings
• Hydrostatic Testing
• NDT Inspection Services
• Project Management
• Compressor Stations
• Meter Stations
• Custom Fabrication


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Headquarter Office
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Company Info

Headquarters: Ibne Batuta St.
Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya
Phone: +218 21 484 3128
Fax: +218 21 483 2278