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Wazen Oil Services encourages and welcomes conversation on social media from all audiences. In the interests of a healthy conversation we are abiding by the rules of discourse:

We reserve the right to block or delete posts containing:

      • offensive or threatening language
      • potentially libellous accusations
      • intentionally unconstructive, off-topic, or disruptive comments
      • spam or marketing unrelated products or services and accompanying links
      • any unlawful use of imagery that violates copyright or breach of a license agreement
      • any use of images/words that are considered threats, intimidation, offensive jokes, slurs, epithets, insults, ridicule or mockery, etc.
      • links to other unverified sites

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Company Info

Headquarter Office
Ibne Batuta St. Siyahiya
Tripoli, Libya

Office Branch
Benghazi, Tripoli

Phone  +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax  +218 (0) 21 484 3129

Company Info

Headquarters: Ibne Batuta St.
Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya
Phone: +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax: +218 (0) 21 484 3129