Company Photos

A collection of photos from the Wazen team and an inside look into Wazen activities and the excellent work from the team.

Quality Internship Program (QIP)

The launch of Wazen’s Quality Internship Program began with recent university graduates from across Libya as trainees attending introductory theoretical sessions.

Piping Photos

Wazen holds over a decade of experience in piping solutions across engineering, construction, & maintenance. Quality service to ensure longterm success.

Srir Camp

The largest Wazen camp lies closeby to Al Sarir oil field, the largest oil field in Libya near the El Sharara oil field in Western Libya. Housing, facilities, and storage space are provided for employees.

Sharara Camp

Our camp near the El Sharara oil field in Western Libya provides housing and facilities for its employees and provides storage space for projects at the nearby oil field.

Al Hani Project

The engineering and construction project to improve and increase the capacity of Al Hani gas storage facility was undertaken by Wazen and completed in 2016. The facility supplies the majority of gas to the city of Tripoli.

Brega Tank Project

Maintenance of oil tanks in the Brega region was carried out in 2014 for the Sirte company. The project included assessing and welding work to ensure stability of the tank as well as cosmetic design.

Tobruk Refinery Project

The construction of a large scale oil tank in Tobruk terminal was completed in 2018. The project included engineering, supply chain, and project management to complete the tank to the client’s satisfaction.

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Company Info

Headquarter Office
Ibne Batuta St. Siyahiya
Tripoli, Libya

Office Branch
Benghazi, Tripoli

Email  info@wazen.ly
Phone  +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax  +218 (0) 21 484 3129

Company Info

Headquarters: Ibne Batuta St.
Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya
Email: info@wazen.ly
Phone: +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax: +218 (0) 21 484 3129