Wazen Oil Services’ dynamic offering of services includes Project Engineering, Technical Support, Equipment Rotation and more. The scope and growth of Wazen’s services along with our highly qualified team enables Wazen to speed up schedules, lowers costs, and ensure quality for our customers.

Engineering Services

Wazen Oil Services has a dynamic offering of Engineering Services, which includes Project Engineering, Security Engineering and Engineering Technical Support through our Specialist HR Services.

The scope and growth of Wazen Oil Services’ Project Division has facilitated the natural development of our diverse and highly qualified engineering team, delivering detailed engineering and construction design, including technical deliverables, material requisition, technical bid evaluation and supplier follow-up, planned maintenance shut down and predictive maintenance engineering for our projects and to our customers. This has enabled us to speed up schedules, lowers costs, and ensures quality and accuracy.

Our design team offer effective support during all phases of the project from start to finish ensuring project designs are reviewed and fine-tuned to meet actual site design conditions and provide excellent as-built designs and drawings at the end of a project.

Maintenance & Construction

Wazen Oil Services’ Projects Department specializes in the project management, facilities construction, welding fabrication, installation, cathodic protection and NDT examinations for Oil, Natural Gas, Power, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, Petrochemical and Utility Industries.

The range of our executed services includes the Shutdown and Turnaround of Gathering Stations, Production Stations and Refineries. Our provisions include the inspection, maintenance, overhaul, replacement and procurement of: Tanks, Separators, Vessels, Pipelines (GRP, GRE, CS, SS & Clay), Steel Structures, Heaters, Cracking Columns and Desalination Units.

The maintenance and construction services cover pipes, tanks, vessels, facilities, and fabrications. Wazen’s track record of performing efficient and high quality construction and maintenance projects regardless of site location and difficulty is a testament to the experience and talent of Wazen engineers. We find solutions, and execute those solutions to flow with success.

Keep Pace with an Ever-changing Marketplace

Rotating Equipment


A specialty division within Wazen handles all turbines and rotating equipment projects including upgrades and maintenance. Monitoring the health of critical equipment like pumps, compressors, fans, and turbines, is an important component of achieving production goals and achieving operational certainty.

We have experienced rotating equipment and field engineers available to start-up, service and troubleshoot your equipment. Wazen supports our clients with turnkey repairs of rotating equipment. We also focus on the overhaul of key equipment like multistage pumps, turbines and compressors.

With in-house capabilities ranging from component repair and spare parts supply to complete overhaul, Wazen has the experience to address and meet the challenges that are unique to your operations. We deliver value-added services to improve the performance and reliability of rotating equipment.

Automation & Control

Wazen Oil Services suite of automation offerings deliver productivity enhancement with relevance to all equipment at the wellsite and throughout the entire life cycle of the well, helping to optimize production, prevent downtime, minimize lifting costs and maintain the highest standards of human and environmental safety.

Our intuitive digital oilfield technologies and solutions provide on-demand remote visibility of the entire field of assets using secure computing, artificial intelligence, and the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT). For the benefit of your return on investment, we’re able to leverage advanced analytics and operational insights from across your entire enterprise.

With a drive for innovation, Wazen is uniquely qualified to deliver engineered valve and control solutions. When in need of expert support, uncompromising product quality, on-time delivery, and solutions to help you improve productivity and reduce costs – we’re the ones to call.

New Generation Solutions for Oil Distribution

Supply Chain Management
& Logistics Solutions

‘Responsive, Reliable, Resourceful and Reputable’
Our 4 R’s of Procurement and Supply Strategy

In a developing market with multifaceted challenges, we believe it is important to constantly develop and invest in ways to ensure safety, quality, responsiveness and speed of services. At Wazen Oil Services we look to combine reliability and integrity with unique delivery services and solutions.

We have supported large and complex projects in remote locations of the country, with safe and secure delivery based on sharp due diligence, clear understanding of the local customs and routes, and strong relationship building across the country’s diverse networks. As we continue to grow through alliances we strive to never lose sight of our basic principle, which is to guarantee our clients a fast courteous service, quality products and competitive prices whilst ensuring safe and secure delivery.

Our logistics team have the knowledge of local laws, available markets, customs, shipping and procurement practices. This enables us to efficiently source materials, equipment, and spare parts from locations around the world in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.


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Company Info

Headquarters: Ibne Batuta St.
Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya
Email: info@wazen.ly
Phone: +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax: +218 (0) 21 484 3129