Automation & Control

Wazen Oil Services suite of automation offerings deliver productivity enhancement with relevance to all equipment at the wellsite and throughout the entire life cycle of the well, helping to optimize production, prevent downtime, minimize lifting costs and maintain the highest standards of human and environmental safety.

Our intuitive digital oilfield technologies and solutions provide on-demand remote visibility of the entire field of assets using secure computing, artificial intelligence, and the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT). For the benefit of your return on investment, we’re able to leverage advanced analytics and operational insights from across your entire enterprise.

With a drive for innovation, Wazen is uniquely qualified to deliver engineered valve and control solutions. When in need of expert support, uncompromising product quality, on-time delivery, and solutions to help you improve productivity and reduce costs – we’re the ones to call.

Control Flow

Wazen solutions help pipeline operators control and monitor assets over a large geographical area ensuring crude and gas handling equipment can continuously transfer raw material from well site to transport plant. Harsh conditions, remote locations and variable raw material quality add to the challenge of running an efficient operation. When critical asset breakdown happens, Wazen’s control systems safeguard your process and help avoid complete system shutdown. Our high availability controls are purpose built for optimizing production during transportation, increasing safety and meeting regulatory compliance for storage.

Worker and environment safety in oil fields has to be given utmost priority because it deals with dangerous operations in remote locations. One way to ensure safety is to install safety systems at field locations that can detect unexpected events even before they occur by analyzing the pattern from historic data collected. Our individual control systems include:

  • Distributed control system (DCS)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Safety instrumented system (SIS)
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Industrial asset management (IAM)

Automation Solutions

Wazen specializes in digitally transforming the way companies monitor, manage, and optimize their reciprocating machinery and industrial equipment. The dependence of the oil and gas industry on automation has increased in the last decade in order to complete processes without any delay. Initiatives to digitize oil fields are being implemented, and this has led to investing in instrumentation in order to increase productivity and complete projects within defined budgets and timelines. These initiatives are extremely beneficial to gathering production data in a timely manner.

Currently, automation vendors are working towards building Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to connect plants from various locations. These IoT platforms eliminate the need for workers to go to hazardous locations for standard monitoring purposes by enabling remote monitoring capabilities. These platforms can connect every system in every plant at every location, which improves the plant operations visibility to the service providers, customers, and plant managers responsible for decision making.

Services Offered

  1. Project management
  2. Project planning
  3. Quality management and QA/QC supervision
  4. Procurements management
  5. HSE management and supervision
  6. Workshops fabrications/manufacturing and skid buildings
  7. In site installation and construction work
  8. Commissioning and startups
  9. Training
  10. Services

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Company Info

Headquarters: Ibne Batuta St.
Siyahiya Tripoli, Libya
Phone: +218 (0) 21 484 3128
Fax: +218 (0) 21 484 3129